Our Story

Growing up in a Christian family, I knew very early of God’s call for salvation, spiritual growth, and service as a teenager. When I finally gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ twenty years ago, the Lord appeared to me in a vision, and since that life-changing encounter, His redemption work in this dying world has been the central preoccupation of my heart. The combination of teachings and knowledge acquired throughout my exciting Christian journey has shown me the connection between faithfulness to God’s Word and fervor for His mission. Following years of preparation, God released me to embark upon the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (to go ye) as stated in Matthew 18:18-20.

Reverend Dr. Sylvestre Bea

Senior Pastor

Dr Sylvestre Bea is the Senior Pastor and Founder of EndTime Christ Discipling Ministries – ECDM. He holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Discipleship earned with the highest distinction from Rawlings School of Divinity in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. He is also a graduate of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Ministries and Bethel World Outreach Church Schools of Ministry (USA). His passion and vision are to achieve the Great Commission, making as many disciples for Christ Jesus as possible in this end time by reaching out to different demographics through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is married to Esther Victoire Bea, Evangelist, his life and ministry partner.

Esther Victoire Bea


 Evangelist Esther Victoire Bea is the co-Founder and Vice-President of End time Christ Discipling Ministries – ECDM. She holds a Masters degree in Human Resources Management and Development and has great passion for winning the lost souls and helping them grow to their full potential for Christ and His mission. Therefore, she faithfully serves alongside her husband, mentoring and counseling women at ECDM.